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Your phone is so much more than just a phone. When paired with other accessories, your phone becomes a personal computer, a music player, a GPS and more. Get the most out of your mobile device with accessories from GGtronics of El Paso, TX. We carry cellphone chargers, car adapters, tablet cases, AirPod cases, power banks and everything else you might need.

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Make your next road trip a luxurious one

Holding your phone while driving is dangerous, but with a magnetic car phone holder, you can enjoy:

  • Distraction-free driving - With a holder, you can keep both hands on the steering wheel and make calls with a single tap.
  • Easy GPS navigation - By mounting the phone near your windshield, you can follow your GPS effortlessly without looking down.
  • Hands-free music - Mount your phone, pair it with your vehicle's Bluetooth, and instantly enjoy hours of music while you drive.

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